Quoting Mayor Marcus Ryan

Oxford County residents urged to speak out on landfill

CTV News, February 5, 2020

“What we want the general public to do is exactly what they’ve done all along and that is to stay as engaged as possible, as informed as possible, and be as vocal as possible about what their concerns are. There’s been a lot of anxiety in the community about what’s going to happen, when are we going to find things out...and we need the community to follow along.”

Environmental assessment draft to come for proposed landfill

Woodstock Sentinel Review, January 23, 2020

Zorro Township Mayor Marcus Ryan said the local committee will have its own peer-review team of scientist scour the assessment’s findings as soon as that stack of binders is available.

“The first step is doing a preliminary review and give an assessment of how long it will take to do their scientific work,” Ryan, the committee’s chair, said.

“It’d be irresponsible to just launch into it not knowing how long it would take, but Walker has agreed to pay the bill up to a certain amount and we’ll find out how much and get back to Walker.”

Environmental assessment of proposed landfill soon to be released

Woodstock Sentinel Review, May 7 2019

Marcus Ryan, the mayor of the township where Walker wants to build the landfill, hopes Oxford residents will embrace this opportunity to make their voices heard.

“You hope for as much knowledge to be absorbed by the public and then give knowledgeable input in the process,” the Zorra Township mayor said. “… You hope as many people get engaged and give as much feedback as possible.”

Ontario's towns and cities demand a say on landfills CBC News, June 5 , 2018

The people of Zorra Township have spent years worrying their picturesque country landscape will soon become a literal dumping ground for the Greater Toronto Area.

Just 165 kilometres southwest of Toronto, the small town has been pegged as a potential future home of a new landfill that could see 850,000 tonnes of trash trucked in annually.

The landfill will mostly take waste from businesses and institutions in the GTA, not from the local community.

"It becomes really hard to swallow that on top of [our] efforts, we are now potentially an unwilling host for someone else's waste — a dump that could be much larger than our own," said Zorra Coun. Marcus Ryan.

TVO, March 2, 2018

Ryan said the intent isn’t to shut down all new landfills everywhere in the province. Hardeman, Comiskey, and Ryan cited examples from other industries, such as casinos or even Ontario Power Generation’s intermediate-level radioactive waste repository, that have relied on municipal and First Nations support, but are not private companies (OPG is owned by the province, as is Ontario Lottery and Gaming, which chooses casino sites in the province).

“We’re not philosophically opposed to there ever being another landfill again,” said Ryan. “But right now, the kind of conversation a community can have around nuclear waste, we’re not even allowed to have around a plastic bag.”

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