Mayor Ryan says "I am not very good at hiding". Decide for yourself.

Interesting exchange with Mayor Ryan on Facebook on Friday. Mayor Ryan, thank you for your candour. On FB, he tells us:

"I’m not hiding anything, that’s why I wrote it and shared it. Again, I wrote about the Council decision on Bill 197 in my blog, the Village Voice, published on FB and Twitter. I’m not very good at hiding."

Let’s see how our mayor communicates about Bill 197 and his desire to change municipal approval rights. You decide if he’s good at hiding or not.

On your Blogs, July 17 2020 until May 21, 2021

· July 17, 2020: You tell us that Bill 197 is not yet law, but expect to pass (fact check, the bill passed on July 2 and on July 6 you appeared with the MPP Ernie Hardeman and others to congratulate the government). You also tell people to direct their comments to Walker, despite Zorra now having approval rights.

· August 20, 2020 – “Councillor Davies and I made a delegation to the Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks and Oxford MPP Ernie Hardeman asking for clarity on the legislation and regulation in Bill 197 giving municipalities the right to decide if they want a landfill or not. It is clear that when asked by a proponent, a municipality can simply pass a resolution.” No mention of Council's desire to see the Bill changed, or that now Zorra residents can voice their concerns directly to the Township, rather than Walker.

· September through January 21, 2021 – no mention

· Note – on January 21, 2021, the day after Mayor Ryan and council passed the Walker-promoted resolution to change Bill 197, on Twitter – Ryan re-tweeted a tweet from The Sassy City Councillor. “Despite being an elected official you don’t actually owe anyone an explanation for anything, ever.”

· February 19, 2021 – your first blog opportunity after the Council passed the motion, no mention

· March 21, 2021 – you talk about elected officials having to be neutral on issues like the landfill, then direct people to the “Backgrounder” released in May 2020. It is 10 months old and makes no mention of municipal approval rights for Zorra, Ingersoll and SWOX, and how this has changed the process

· April 28, 2021 – this is your first mention in your blog of Zorra’s desire to change Bill 197. In comes in responses to OPAL’s media release that questions that decision. Once again, you direct people to the out-of-date “Backgrounder”. You then admonish OPAL with the statement “this issue is too important to play communications games”.

On Twitter, from January 21 through to May 10, no mention, until you respond to a Stop the Dump Post

On Facebook, no mention, until entering into commentaries on Stop the Dump posts on its Facebook site, and others.

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