Mayor Ryan says be makes his decisions based on "principles". Might not be so good for us chickens.

So, let’s say an egg farmer has designed a new hen house that makes it harder for foxes to get inside. The foxes, of course, are upset. Being sly creatures, they hatch a plan.

The foxes get a Resolution sent to Zorra Council demanding changes to the farmer’s new design. While Council knows the Motion is sponsored by the foxes, it immediately passes it anyway - because the motion says that the design of the hen house must change… “to protect the rights of the chickens" and "the design may expand to include barns and other forms of outbuildings."

The farmer says to council, “but these changes, it will make it easier for the foxes to get in. All my hens, their eggs... the foxes will be able to eat them all.”

To which Mayor Ryan and Council reply, “We have always been pro-chicken. As the motion states, chickens have a right to fresh air and sunshine. Therefore, the doors and windows of all hen houses must be made larger and remain open at all times.”

The farmer is dismayed. “Can’t you see,” the farmer says, “this is exactly what the foxes want?

To which Mayor Ryan responds, “Yes. We are aware the foxes are promoting similar changes to hen house design and operations, but Zorra’s reasons for passing it are not the same as theirs.”

The last statement here is the rationale Mayor Ryan gave Max Kirby for he and his council's support of the Walker-promoted Resolution to eliminate adjacent municipality approval from Bill 197. He says he is protecting right of local municipalities to make their own decisions.

The change Zorra Council wants will make it easier for Walker to get its landfill approved.

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