Davies says Council does not make decisions based on fear. But they just did.

Councillor Katie Davies, Ward 2, April 21 - "I respectfully hear the concerns of OPAL regarding proposed landfill and fears of a negative outcome for your community. I am often faced with my own similar fears from a range of sources of negative impact for my community ... [Council decisions] can't be about fears or even feel goods. This specific resolution [to eliminate the landfill approval rights of adjacent municipalities] that we passed, has to be about appropriate legislation. And that is respectfully what I believe to be a risk with the current legislation."


  1. Davies says decisions can't be based on fears - but it seems they can be based on risks.

  2. In the January 20th Council meeting, Mayor Ryan, Councillor Mitchell, and Councillor MacDonald also spoke to their fears that while Bill 197 Section 6 is specifically about landfills, in the future the legislation may also be changed to impact municipal decisions on "quarries", "chicken barns" and other forms of infrastructure. They each called the legislation a "dangerous precedent".

  3. MacDonald specifically stated during the discussions to pass the motion, "what if, what if, what if?"

Council positions their own "fears" as "risks" (and therefore they can act upon them).

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