An Absolute Clear and Present Danger

My name is Max Kirby. I am justifiably upset, because I have alarming concerns, which I need to share with you.

I raised my family here. I am a proud 45-year resident, business owner (Kirby Water Care Limited), taxpayer, voter, and citizen of “THE GREAT TOWNSHIP OF ZORRA.” Like you, I also use & pay for water which is produced in Zorra’s in-ground aquifers.

We all depend on our pristine water to live, grow & prosper. We must have absolute assurance that our water supply remains safe & usable. Only with our absolute confidence, can we create endless quality jobs & responsible and mutually beneficial opportunities for Zorra. But now, we still continue to be stifled by a diseased proposal of importing unwanted dump fill, for permanent in-ground storage within our Zorra Township’s boundary.

I am extremely wary of “Big Business Outsiders” telling you & me, what is appropriate for us. They also lie that we will bene[1]fit. I can’t comprehend the audacity of “Big Business Outsiders” who spew unbelievable rhetoric about how safe our precious water supply will remain. And at the same time they are plotting a notorious scheme to dump 17,000,000 tonnes (that’s 17 million TONNES!) of rotten garbage & waste products in-ground, amidst our in-ground aquifers.

Please listen carefully to my non-rhetorical words. Our water supply is safe for now, but we must safeguard & conserve it forever. I say shame on “Big Business Outsiders” for orchestrating such a vile proposal & then continuously imposing it on our populace. It is an assault on each & everyone of us.

My paramount concern is that our water supply is at risk of being contaminated in the future, by poisonous effluent, leachate & foul run-off, seeping from the proposed Mega Dump inside our Zorra boundaries. This toxic concoction will infiltrate our water supply & will flow and be transmitted through the in-ground aquifers of Zorra & beyond.

I worry constantly about the un-treatability and the un-usability of our currently pristine water supply after such an irreversible disaster occurs. I sadly anticipate that as the result of foolishly hosting a dump in Zorra that all of our property values will plummet & that we will all lose our hard-earned equity.

I am fearful that over 8,000 Zorra residents and our neighbours will forever be burdened with endless negative impacts. Ultimately, I am totally shocked and also angered by the threat against our families, our farms, and our businesses and our future livelihoods, which would certainly be diminished beyond repair.

I have a major stake in Zorra and YOU have a major stake in Zorra. “Big Business Outsiders” must finally admit to the absolutely clear and present danger, which they impose incessantly upon Zorra & its residents. What would be beneficial however, is that they correct their mad course sooner than later, for the sacred state of all our collective well-being. And let us assure ourselves that this is the only benefit worth acquiring from them.

“Big Business Outsiders” must concede and withdraw their ill-conceived proposal. They should capitulate now. But instead of ceasing their uncaring and selfish objectives, they persist to mock & underestimate the strength of our unshakeable collective resolve to extinguish this nightmarish proposal, and thus achieving our paramount duty!

Stopping the Zorra Dump! Absolute!

“Big Business Outsiders” are counting on our silence & inaction.

The disgusting act of “Big Business Outsiders” trying to fool us with compensation for our everlasting and grueling pain and suffering, is corrupt and immoral, and must be rejected outright. Only fools & bumbling idiots would accept any form of compensation or any amount of monetary recompense arising from this consequential, existential crisis, and allowing such a suicidal act to be perpetuated upon us.

We shouldn’t just demand that our water remains pristine, for it is Our God Given Right! We all have the power within us, and we definitely possess the integrity to STOP a Mega-Dump within our community.

It’s actually very easy to have your opinion matter. Simply contact our representatives Mayor Ryan and our councillors of Zorra Township. We must demand from them to be responsible, accountable and transparent. They must conserve and secure the integrity of our aquifers (our water supply.)

And they must also safeguard and protect the integrity of all the lifestyles of over 8,000 citizens living in Zorra, as well as those beyond our borders.

Tell your councillors and Mayor Ryan to vote “ABSOLUTELY NO!” to the Zorra dump. Please help and contact your representative as soon as possible.

Thank you from Max Kirby, another proud citizen, determined to “KEEP OUR WATER PRISTINE AND OUR BELOVED “ZORRA” STRONG!”

Zorra Citizens Committee to Stop the Dump

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