420 + Garbage Trucks of Industrial Waste. Every Day.  For Decades. Coming to Zorra.

Walker is trying to hide their proposed dump from the people of Zorra.

Don't let them fool you.


Walker Industries is trying to fool you.

IF YOU LIVE IN ZORRA TOWNSHIP, chances are pretty slim that anyone has asked you what you think about Walker Industries proposal to create a 17 million tonne dump for industrial waste - in your town. 
Why? Because Walker Industries has made every effort possible to hide this proposal from the people of Zorra.
THE EVIDENCE IS CLEAR. Walker Industries has avoided the use of the word "ZORRA" in most all of its official documentation of the project.
A 10km long conga-line of garbage trucks will be powering their way through our Township. Every day. For decades. Yet, if you live in Zorra, you're not being told about it.

Walker named the project the "SOUTHWEST LANDFILL".The dump site will be in Southeast Zorra, not Southwest. And, if they mean Southwest Ontario, then it could be anywhere.

The website for the project is www.walkerea.com. No mention of Zorra, and do you know what 'ea' stands for (buried in the website name)? It stands for  "Environmental Assessment" - the legal process for getting their dump approved, as if you are supposed to know.

In the company's 229 page draft environmental assessment, Zorra is not mentioned until page 80.

Walker held no public meetings in Zorra Township, conducted no mailings to residents or businesses, posted no signage, nor placed any ads  in Zorra-specific media.

The Community Liaison Committee Charter does not allow any members to represent outside groups, only themselves as individuals - creating a further barrier to input from Zorra residents.

Is this what you want for Zorra's agricultural paradise?

Walker has made presentations to Zorra Township Council, taken elected officials on tours of their Niagara dump sites and is seeking their endorsement of the proposal - but taken no action to inform Zorra residents.

The dump and its daily deluge of dirty trucks could:

  • Foul our air 

  • Leach dangerous chemicals into our water, and, 

  • damage our roads

The company's special project office for the proposed dump site is in Ingersoll, not Zorra.

In Walker's Draft Environmental Assessment Document, Zorra residents and businesses are not identified as stakeholders that need to be consulted.

Call or write Zorra Council and demand that they push Walker Industries to inform and educate Zorra residents and businesses on the impacts of their proposed dump site.

  • Council needs to hear what you think about the proposal

If Walker is trying to hide a dump from you,

what else could they be hiding?

Council calls Zorra Township an "engaged community."

This is how Town Council addresses this issue in its 2018-2022 Strategic Plan. Under, "we are an engaged community", the plan states its goal concerning the dump as:

"Lobby and develop relationships with the appropriate government to provide local input into the operation of the Southwestern Landfill

(if approved)."

Walker claims to have consulted with 12 Indigenous groups, as part of its process - but has made no attempt to consult with the taxpayers of Zorra.

The people who live and work in Zorra Township have a right to be informed and consulted.


Council needs to hear from you

Tell them Walker has to consult with Zorra's taxpayers.
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Oxford People Against the Landfill (OPAL)

For more information:

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  • On how Ontario municipalities are working together to convince the Provincial Government to provide them with approval rights on new landfill sites

  • On what Oxford People Against the Landfill has been doing for 8 years to stop the dump and work with people to reduce emissions and reduce waste

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